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7 Key Things You Should Maintain When Managing Conflicts

May 1, 2008

When I concluded the two day training on the “Conflict Management” training yesterday, I made a quick run through of the various examples brought up. What I realized was that there were indeed many applications of concepts which allowed the conflicts to be better resolved.

I also like the way the participants engaged me in their discussion and sharing of opinions. These are reflections of learning taking place within them. Regular practice ensures better resolution skills and improved outcome of the management process.

As conflict management is by no means a simple touch and go topic; many areas have to be taken into account during its execution. Nonetheless, there are some common areas that we have to note and strive to maintain whenever we face the conflicts.

1. Maintain your Cool. There is no point getting too worked up. Remain steadfast in the midst of pressure.

2. Maintain your Rationality. Your emotions will attempt to get the better of you, especially when you are under fire. Your mind will have to be clear and know your strategies and steps to better resolve the issues.

3. Maintain your Diplomacy. Your mannerism of managing conflict is a reflection of your professionalism and aptitude. Keep it civilized helps to move things forward.

4. Maintain your Relationship. Having conflicts certainly does not have to mean a destroyed relationship. A proper handling of conflict will, on the other hand, allow you opportunities to build relationships at an improved level.

5. Maintain your Integrity. As tough as it seems, integrity is a moral issue you’ll always have to grapple with. A compromise of it will mean you are liable to be faulted further if discovered.

6. Maintain your Health. Let the conflict remain only at that during. Never bring it out of context and never allow it to run your daily life. Some people keep the grudge for years and their health pay the price for it. Avoid double payment and suffering by moving on from it negative effects and stress.

7. Maintain your Communication. It’s in the way you say it and the way you show it. Watch out for how you communicate and relate.

Being effective conflict managing is always an asset in any area of work and living. After all, they do exist and are sometimes unavoidable and inevitable. Keep these key things in mind and you are on your way to better let your life Excel Beyond Excellence!