The AEIOU Approach of Befrienders

It’s never easy dealing with issues in life. What’s more, we are talking about helping others with problems and challenges in their life. However this was what a group of dedicated people did. They chose to sign up as Befrienders to families in need and for the underprivileged. Their undying passion for improving the lives of the less fortunate must be recognized and saluted.

At the part two session and conclusion of the “Befrienders’ Training”, I can feel their eagerness to help and serve. It’s with such single purposeness that the training was so much more motiviational and inspirational. Congratulations on your graduation and well done to everyone!

As a Befriender, the next level will also involve contacting and interacting with the families and clients. Here’s an approach that has proven been useful in making the meeting work. It’s the AEIOU Approach of a Befriender:

Acceptence. The acceptance of the clients, their background and their values is vital. While not all these values or behaviors can be useful, it’s the acceptance of who they are that opens up the doors for helping.

Empowerment. Befrienders should seek to empower their clients instead of creating reliance. Help them to help themselves.

Improvement. With a constant desire to improve, dire straits can be reversed and problems can be turned around. This should be the purpose of all Befrienders..

Outreach. It’s not just mere contacting the clients but the outreach into their world and know their thoughts. The outreach psychologically will also mean that Befrienders can also touch the hearts of their clients.

Uniqueness of application. No two clients are alike. You have to be sensitive enough to apply different communication and relationship building strategies to different clients.

It’s with a sincere wish that you can go forth to help and change more lives with the friendship that you extend. Make your life Excel Beyond Excellence!

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