Top 10 Reasons Why Your Negotiations Become Deadlocked

It was an intensive and enriching session yesterday as I rounded up the training. “Effective Negotiation Skills” has always been one of the most popular courses I conduct and the past 2 days were no exception.

I liked how the participants shared their thoughts and appreciate their opinions. Such interactions always made the training purposeful. Well done to everybody and keep up the wonderful work!

From what we covered in training on defusing deadlocking situations during negotiations, I am also sharing with you the key reasons behind the deadlocking of negotiations. (Note: this is as opposed to purposely having a deadlock as part of your strategy or plan.)

And the top 10 reasons are:

1. A clash of values

2. Poor communication skills

3. The lack of trust and integrity

4. Unable to empathize and relate with each other

5. Refusal to endorse the virtues of compromise or give-and-take

6. Believe only in win-lose results as the outcome of negotiations

7. People are out to reap the other party apart

8. Far too many complex issues to be sorted out

9. Not knowing the next step of the plan

10. Close mindedness

It is with these reasons in mind that we can attempt to work on defusing these situations when we negotiate. After all, negotiations are meant to help you get what you want so that you can Excel Beyond Excellence!

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