7 Essential Pointers For Improving Your Relationships With Difficult People

So long as there are people in our lives, we can never run away from interacting with them. Yet the irony remains, the more you interact with them, the more likely disagreements may occur. That’s a bit pessimistic you say. Yup, indeed. That’s for people who tend to insist on their own points of views.

However, being more proactive and forward looking, I’m of the opinion that it’s not just interaction, it’s THE WAY you interact.

Hence the quality of your interaction determines the quality of your relationship.

And here’s some of the quick pointers that will help you enhance the relationship with the difficult people:

1. Be willing to explore each other’s perspectives. Step into their shoes, better still, see if you can fill them.

2. Address the issue at hand, instead of the person.

3. Understand word choice matters so be tactful with words. The use of inappropriate words can trigger another bout of arguments.

4. Give each other chill out time to think through. But avoid delaying too long till it becomes so awkward to bring it up again.

5. Be willing to admit you’re wrong, if you are truly wrong.

6. Maintain mutual respect as human beings.

7. Provide constructive feedback pertaining to what needs to improve.

Practice applying all these points into relating with others. You’ll find over time that your relationships can also Excel Beyond Excellence!

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