What You Must First Understand If You Want To Become A Successful Trainer

Yesterday evening was a presentation meeting with a difference. The Brilliant Advanced Toastmasters and UBS Toastmasters Clubs decided to organize a special meeting that focused on developing training skills for potential trainers.

Having been a trainer for 18 years, a mentor and a coach for numerous professional and novice trainers over the years, I was invited as a guest Evaluator to provide feedback and advice on the training skills of the presenters. In the midst of my comments, I highlighted several “first-you-should-know” concepts about being a competent trainer.

To add on, here are some of these important concepts you must first understand before you embark on this interesting journey:

1. A trainer is also a performer. (It does not mean that you have to be hilariously funny or jump frantically around like a chirpy chimpanzee.)

2. Command and control is extremely important to the trainer.

3. A successful trainer must have sufficient audience relating skills.

4. A training is not a mere speech, not a briefing and most definitely not a lecture.

5. A training, while focusing on the skills, is first and foremost, a people connection process.

6. You must first establish your credibility with your participants.

7. Always be mindful of your stage setting.

Keep working on your training skills by first digesting the above pointers. Wishing you a journey of Excellence towards becoming a successful trainer!

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