Speak Your Way To The Top!

A rather packed day was what I went through 2 days ago on Saturday. But it was all meaningful and worthwhile. One of them was the major event organized by the Club that I’m mentoring, National University Of Singapore Toastmasters Club. It was the public speaking workshop entitled, Speechcraft: Speak Your Way To The Top!

We had quite a fair number of students of the university turning up to learn and discover how they can become better thinkers, speakers and listeners. I was also impressed by the participation and enthusiasm to improve themselves. Accolades must therefore go out to the organizers and the facilitators. Well done to everyone!

Some of the educational presentations I spoke on included, The Importance of Public Speaking, Take the Terror Out of the Talk and How Public Speaking Can Help You To Succeed. These are the essentials that a potential and competent public speaker must first address.

In the midst of the full day NUS Speechcraft workshop, I had also been invited to be a guest speaker at the Frontier Toastmasters Club’s 5th Anniversary Celebrations. It was an event open to the public and definitely the accomplishments of their members were showcased.

My speech topic at Frontier Toastmasters was Mind Mastery: How to Use Your Mind to Overcome The Fear of Public Speaking. I’m definitely pleased that the audience loved my presentation and had learnt something that they can apply in their future speeches. In addition, I am also appreciative of the Club’s invitation and wish the Club all the best for the coming years.

Because both events were held at the same time, I had to slightly reschedule my speech segments to gain time off from the NUS Speechcraft so as to be at Frontier Toastmasters for a couple of hours, and then zip back to NUS, continuing with my final presentation in the Speechcraft. It’s tight scheduling you may say, but, that’s the life of a speaker. Busy but meaningful.

In the evening, some of us from the NUS Toastmasters had a nice fellowship dinner session at a western food restaurant. It was a well deserved meal and rest for these hard-working members of the Club.

Later on, I worked out with one of my Mentees on her career plans and how to improve on the various speeches.

Overall, it was a busy day but filled with purposeful and meaningful activities. The day was well planned and well spent.

Here are some afterthoughts that follow:

1. Speaking and communication with people are the essentials of living a fruitful social and professional life.

2. It takes practice, guidance and feedback to get yourself to become better. Mere listening will only work to a limited degree.

3. Speaking well, thinking well and listening well will help you to be on your way to the top, whatever the top of your dreams may be.

I wish you the fulfillment of your lifelong goals and may your life Excel Beyond Excellence!

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