Proven Tips To Boost Your Public Speaking And Presentation Skills (Part 19)

Being a Language Evaluator at tonight’s ACCA Singapore Toastmasters Club meeting had allowed to me take a more objective look at the way the speech were presented. The turnout was definitely an encouraging sight and the people were ready to be educated. This is what I’ve always enjoyed about visiting a place of learning.

Here are some of the tips application and improvements for the presentations:

1. When you are bringing out the numbers and statistics, present them with depth and dimension analysis. Make comparisons and provide metaphors to help us make sense of these cold hard numerals. It will also help us to better visualize and experience the severity of the situation.

2. There is no need to re-introduce yourself or your title once the Master of Ceremony had introduced these elements. Get straight to the point because of our anticipation of your speech.

3. Ensure that a majority of your speech content fall within the theme instead of skirting around the issue. While there can be many other factors to be discussed, there are only be so much your speech can cover in relation to your announced speech title. Keep the content relevant to the topic or title.

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One Comment on “Proven Tips To Boost Your Public Speaking And Presentation Skills (Part 19)”

  1. Vincent Lim Says:

    Well said, thanks for the great language evaluation.

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