What Employers And Interviewers Really Want? 10 Insights About The Employers You Must Know That Will Help You Get That Job

Whenever I conduct personal coaching and training for the jobseekers, I also assist them in changing the paradigm of what interviews really. In addition, I move on to show them what employers really want and what the interviewers are looking out for during that interview session. Then we went on to craft key strategies and techniques that will help them get the jobs they want.

Here are some of the insights that will shed light on what employers and interviewers really want:

1. They want to you show how you can solve their problems. Be a problem solver and solution-provider.

2. They want you to show how you can help them achieve their goals. Show them what you can do!

3. They want you to be the one they can employ so that they don’t have to waste the remainder of the time interviewing others. Make them glad that they have gotten to know you. Let them know YOU are THE ONE. Look no further!

4. They want you to make their money worth. Show them what you are worth!

5. They want you to get to the point, instead of beating around the bush. Get to the point with what you say. Nuff’ said.

6. They want to like you. Be likeable.

7. They want you to impress them about what you know about them. So study the company well and let them know they are “under your micro-scope”

8. They want to be assured that you have the skills to perform the job. Work on the assurance and highlight your skills competency.

9. They want to know that you can understand them and be part of them. Rapport, rapport, rapport!

10. They want their time spend interviewing you to be worthwhile. Therefore, make their time worthwhile.

May you be fruitful in your job search and interviews. Always seek to Excel Beyond Excellence!

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