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7 Time Management Tips Of Multitasking For The Busy Modern Man

May 28, 2008

Another dynamic run of “Time Management” training was conducted today for a statutory board. It was approached from a more unique perspective to help the participants realize the importance and value of managing time well. I’m extremely pleased they had put what they learn to good use.

Undeniably, the modern times set in further demands for the modern man. It adds to the hustle and increases the need for multitasking effectively.

Hence, some of the tips for better multitask and manage time are as below:

1. Ensure the spam guard in your email is turned on so that your spam mails are filtered out. Avoid wasting time by being bogged down by spam mails.

2. Seek to delegate where possible and cooperate with your colleagues by redistributing the specialized tasks amongst each other.

3. Have a really clear idea of what truly demands priority and what can be done later.

4. Keep the end vision in mind. Avoid the trap of being busy for the sake of being busy. Instead work on being busy for the results.

5. Make a list of tasks; insist on a reasonable duration with specific time to accomplish them. This will help sort out all the jumbled-up thoughts and prevent being overwhelmed by the things to do.

6. Keep an organizer to help you schedule your time. This will also allow you to manage with a bigger picture in mind.

7. Understand thoroughly the flow of a standard operating procedure or system. This will speed up the regular tasks that you have to do because you already know what to do. Don’t have a procedure? Create one now.

In a general sense, do take care to also manage your overall life and dreams with these tips. Work on them and you’ll discover that you can further Excel Beyond Excellence!