1 Leap And 2 Bounds

It’s true that effective speaking requires proper practice and good guidance. That fervent passion to improve hence becomes a burning flame to inspire everyone of us…

Here’s a true life account of a Toastmaster who has found it beneficial to continuously practice his speeches. Gerald Ong has been participating in making presentations and help out with various Clubs ever since he joined Toastmasters.

In this posting, Gerald graciously shares with us his story…

1 Leap and 2 Bounds

What made you take the 1st leap in joining Toastmasters? It could be due to the invitation of a friend or a lack of effective communication skills.

What are the 2 bounds you have achieved in Toastmasters? It could be due to the improvement of language techniques in organizing your speech or the smooth delivery of your presentations.

Let me share with you my own Toastmasters journey:

When I entered Polytechnic majoring in Mechanical Engineering, I began to discover that I enjoyed networking and teaching people. Therefore, I took pains to develop my presentation skills and nurture it.

After leaving Polytechnic in March 2007, I began to explore regarding Toastmasters in May after completing a survey which my dad had given me. Having done lots of presentations in Polytechnic and introducing speakers at many talks, Toastmasters’ project was an easy feat for me to overcome.

I began to accelerate my basic projects within a month and developed a niche in being an Ah Counter. You can accelerate your projects, but will you achieve the desired quality of each speech? This is the question on everyone’s mind.

To share the truth with you, I don’t usually win the Best Speaker ribbon. Nowadays, I get to usually win the Best Evaluator ribbon from time to time.

How did I start getting curious in being an Ah Counter? It comes under a different posting which I will focus on more deeply next time.

As I joined Toastmasters in May 2007, the Executive Committee was undergoing a Change of Command. I was the newly appointed Sergeant-At-Arms. By right, I am supposed to set up the meeting venue, arrange the refreshments and kick-start the meeting.

In addition, I was inviting many Toastmasters as my project speakers and evaluators to spice up the meeting. At this current moment, I am the Vice-President (Education)-Designate of my club, a Frequent Flyer to many Toastmasters Clubs within Singapore. At any one time, 15 clubs can be calling me for various services.

To sum it up, I did not regret joining Toastmasters. I developed my specialty areas further in Toastmasters, especially in managing pause fillers. Most of all, I have also enhanced my networking skills to a higher level.

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