Proven Tips To Boost Your Public Speaking And Presentation Skills (Part 21)

A large crowd turned up at my Club meeting tonight. Some have heard of it via the websites while the rest were participants from our recent Speechcraft workshops. No matter where they are from, the National University of Singapore Toastmasters Club’s meeting was packed tonight. The atmosphere was invigorating.

We had our usual product speeches that ranged from the first project to a couple of advanced projects. This certainly provided to the audience and guests a refreshing spectrum of what Toastmasters can offer and how it can benefit them too.

Besides being the Mentor of this Club, I was also the Evaluator of one of the advanced speeches at tonight’s meeting. Here are some of the suggestions and recommendations for the speeches:

1. Add in more energy when you intend to invoke strong dramatic scenes. A half-heart effort will not get the point across.

2. Keep your information concise, especially for motivational speeches. If you over lift too much materials, you risk forgetting or not knowing your contents well.

3. Avoid faking your emotions, the audience can read the difference.

4. If you want to speak on a controversial topic, address that dilemma to the audience, acknowledge the discomfort and resolve the paradigm before you dive too deep into the heavy content.

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2 Comments on “Proven Tips To Boost Your Public Speaking And Presentation Skills (Part 21)”

  1. steeleworks Says:

    I would add, if appropriate, smile. Really smile.

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