Proven Tips To Boost Your Public Speaking And Presentation Skills (Part 22)

It was such an enjoyable time at Tampines Changkat Toastmasters Club yesterday that I thought the trip was well worth while. There were so much camaraderie within the Club and every guest was made to feel welcome. Not to mention the hot piping delicious peanut chicken shred porridge and creamy chocolate cake.

I was invited as the Language Evaluator for the meeting and took note of some beautiful phrases. The speakers certainly uplifted our spirits with their humorous and informative presentations.

In addition, I shared with the speakers some of the tips:

1. Remember to engage the audience with your eye contact. Even when you are attempting to recall your speech, you should still provide the contact through your body gestures. Many speakers unwittingly tend to look upwards in an attempt to remember the words in their speeches.

2. Slow down the pace of your speech if you want your audience to understand your presentation. Let them have time to digest. Therefore make every word mean what you intend for it to be.

3. Check through your scripts again for misleading words. If you intend to mean something else, always use the words in the right content. Misleading words can mean multiple items. Reread the words as If you are speaking. Check with your friends before hand to clarity the words.

It’s always more correct practices that make your speech better. Do take heed of these tips so that your speaking skills can Excel Beyond Excellence!

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