Bring Out The GEMS In Your Service: What Does It Truly Means To Provide Service Beyond Excellence

For the past two days, I was visiting Republic Polytechnic during their GEMS Bond Camp. I was invited as the guest speaker as well as attended the closing ceremony. I must that the participants of the GEMS Bond camp put in their best in their performance. (GEMS stands for Go-the Extra-Mile for Service. A government initiative to get the industries to be more service orientated and conscious as well as getting the customers to be more service responsive.)

The various industry partners and I watched their skit, dance and songs. While these were entertaining and fun, there were all focused on bringing out the single message: the call to provide better service. The energy and efforts by these young participants were awe inspiring. I enjoyed their performance and was impressed by their commitment towards service quality.

Whenever I run service workshops and consultant, many people asked me regarding how could they provide good service? Therefore, during my segment, I decided to share with them the essences of GEMS and what is the real meaning of providing quality service, the service that goes beyond excellence.

I shared with them the components of what quality service means so that they can bring out the GEMS in their service:

Give your hearts out: You must understand that a lot of the service you provide must come from the heart. If it’s not truly and sincerely the desire to service, then anything you do is merely for the sake of doing. And customers can feel the difference. Therefore, be sincere and passionate in what you do.

Exceed Expectations: When we talk about quality service, we are comparing this to minimal service or standard service. People walk in with a certain expectations. If you serve them exceeding well in a positive way, they will hence be pleasantly pleased and surprised, leaving a better impression.

Manage Emotions: People are beings with emotions, feelings, opinions, thoughts and responses. When you can handle and manage the emotions of your customers, it means you can influence them towards making how they feel better. If they’re feeling bad, you can make them feel good. And if they feel good already, you can make them feel even more elated. Remember, the notion of ‘quality’ lies in the emotions of your customers.

Sensitive to Needs: Of course, no service can be considered complete and be of quality if they do not meet up to the needs of the customers. Hence, you must be sensitive enough to first, sense the need, then detect the changing needs. Imagine how pleasant it will be if the waiter offers you the tea spoon even before you raise your hands to get his attention. The key is: every customer has needs. Whoever meets it the best, wins.

These are the components of GEMS that you can apply everyday as you serve your customers. Practice these practical points often and you’ll soon find your service Excelling Beyond Excellence!

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