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Proven Tips To Boost Your Public Speaking And Presentation Skills (Part 23)

June 9, 2008

When a group of eager speakers gather, they always make waves. The speeches will create an impact to the listeners, making us think, reflect and apply. This was exactly what I did when I attended the Division U Toastmasters Achievers’ Day at Whampoa Community Club two days ago.

There were a variety of speeches beginning from the Project 9: Persuade with Power to a number of Advanced Projects such as Speaking Off the Cuff, Speaking After Dinner, Bring History to Life, and Accepting an Award. Needless to say, the Language Evaluator also share with us her valuable insights on the linguistic usage and pronunciation.

I’ve also share with a couple of the speakers some key areas that will further boost their speaking skills:

1. If you are making a longer speech, do develop a series of speech structure and build depth so that the audience can understand the flow of speech better.

2. No matter how much time you take or how much time you’ve left, the conclusion is still important to help the audience understand the summary of your talk.

3. Minimize “circle talk” or “beat around the bush” where the speaker keeps hovering around the same point, resenting the same point in different sentences. This usually occurs when you’ve run out of thing to say and is attempting to buy time. Link it to the next point and carry on the speech.

It always pays to keep work on ones speeches, be it a basic project or an advanced presentation.

Here’s a BIG congratulations to all the Speech Achievers! You’ve accomplished another milestone in your speech training.

May you continue to Excel Beyond Excellence!