Speak Better To Draw Closer: A Major Milestone For The University Clubs

What do you get when you put 5 Toastmasters Clubs from different universities together for a meeting?

You get madness, excitement and lots of sharing! When the different cultures of the different universities come together, it’s loads of lively learning waiting to be acquired.

Tonight was an historical event, a major milestone to be precise for the 5 Toastmasters Clubs from the universities. A few months of coordination went underway when the idea was mooted sometime ago. And tonight was the night.

These 5 Clubs for tonight’s Combined University Club Meeting are:

* The National University of Singapore Toastmasters Club (NUS TMC)

* Nanyang Technological University Toastmasters Club (NTU TMC)

* Nanyang Technological University Inspire Toastmasters Club (NTU Inspire TMC)

* Singapore Management University Toastmasters Club (SMU TMC)

* Hong Kong University Space Toastmasters Club (HKU Space TMC)

We have been eagerly looking forward to this as we’ve enjoyed our previous combined meetings of 4 university clubs last year. Hence for this year, we expanded and included one more club. (For additional information, last year’s combined meeting included Toastmasters from NUS TMC, NTU TMC, NTU Inspire TMC and Hong Kong Lingnan University TMC)

My Club, the NUS TMC, had the distinguished honor of hosting the event tonight, especially making the night enjoyable for our guests from Hong Kong. We were greeted with not only smiling faces and welcoming arms, but also with mouth watering dinner buffet.

We had the presence of the current Division Governor and Area Governors as well as the incoming Division and Area Governors for the new term gracing our events. We invited them to address the Clubs as well as to present the ribbons. As the Club Mentor, I was also making a special address that called upon us to Speak Better to Draw Closer.

The main meeting was a palatable spread of speeches that teased and tantalized our thoughts and triggered our learning desires. They included project speeches that focused on bridging communication barriers, a call for blood donation, an appeal for aid to disaster victims and exaltation of an unsung hero in someone’s life.

As the speakers have proven, when we strive to speak better, we can:

* Bridge the barriers and connect the people

* Persuade the hearts and change the minds

* Uplift the spirit and exalt the soul

Laughter abounds and the stories touched our hearts. The sincere intend to network and learn from each other was the order of the day. We had great fun tonight, shared and cherished the chance to have such combined meetings with more University Clubs for the future.

Fond farewell, touching moments, the meaning memories are what we will carry in our hearts always. Indeed, we drew closer, in the journey to speak better.

We were excellent. But tonight, we’ve Excelled Beyond Excellence!

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