3 Powerful Ways To Inspire Your Audience With Impact

On the very same day after I’ve finished conducting the “Sayang Kerja, Sayang Keluarga” (SK2) training during the daytime, I rushed over to a meeting in the evening. Over at the Sony Ericsson Toastmasters Club meeting, I met many familiar faces, friends I’ve gotten to know over the years. In addition, I was also introduced to the members of the Club, who were very hospitable and health conscious too. J

Not only did I hear of speeches that inspired us to take care of our emotional well-being, I also observed and evaluated presentations that reminded us to be physical responsible for our body and health. After all, it’s is only body we’ve got.

As a project evaluator, I got to evaluate a Project 10 speech with the key objective of inspiring us. In fact, there were a total of 3 Project 10 speeches for the meeting. What a dose of inspiration!

What followed after the meeting was some sharing to the speakers on how to boost their speaking skills:

1. Creating your stage persona is important, allow yourself to be the leading person rather than the audience leading you. You are the speaker, hence you must want to remain focus instead of being distracted and got side-tracked by what the audience does in subtlety.

(This should be carefully planned and enhanced with The Art of Stage Persona Creation.)

2. At times, a detailed picture approach might be more important to the audience than using a big picture. When a series of world and national statistics are recited to the audience, it’s not as easy to comprehend it’s magnitude. Linking it to our every detailed scenario will help us to better relate to the severity of the situation.

(The purposeful selection of the types of Speech Strategies, Structures and Approaches are extremely crucial here.)

3. Working on the turmoil and tribulations are crucial when the audience are in sync with you. Let not your speech be just a description of events. But make it one where it has a balanced drama and emotional pull, drawing the audience closer into what you want to share. (Learn to further extend your dramatic range and create the emotional appeal when you explore The Process that Creates The Emotions behind the Inspiration.)

I’ve truly enjoyed the meeting and I left the club venue feeling elated and enriched.

This is what speech learning is all about, when you are determined to Excel Beyond Excellence!

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