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What Every Coach Must Know About Coaching To Get The Best Results

June 15, 2008

Yesterday night was another session of public speaking coaching. I was extremely pleased to know that the participants have marked improvement in their speaking and presentations.

Some of them showed eloquence in speaking, while a number of them have taken better control of their fear of speaking to the audience. This must also be attributed to their hard work and attitude of persistence.

Being a coach and trainer over these years, I’ve also understood that there must be certain premise prior and during the coaching. All these are kept in mind to bring the best results to his clients:

Hence, the follow would truly be crucial:

1. A coach should understand the strength and weakness of his clients.

2. A coach should have a customized plan of practice for individual client.

3. A coach should be willing to deviate when necessary upon discovering possible new paths to coach their clients.

4. A coach must keep an open mind to understand what might be external to his paradigm.

5. A coach should help his clients stay motivated to experience positive results.

6. A coach must connect well with his clients to derive the best possible rapport.

7. A coach must put his clients’ interests first.

It is with these in mind that the coach can truly make the largest possible stride, working with his clients towards Excelling Beyond Excellence!