Are You A True Leader? The 7 Key Traits Of A True Leader

Over these two days, I’ve been going to the training academy of a government ministry. It comprises of a series of large buildings and compound, designed specially to train its staffs. And I had been conducting “Supervisory Leadership Training” for some of its officers.

We discussed, followed by exploring in depth the concepts of leadership and what it truly means to be a true leader. We worked on the practical steps that one can perform to embody the mark of a true leader.

What then would make you a True Leader? Here are some of the key traits:

1. A True Leader has true compassion within.

2. A True Leader goes beyond the individual self; he thinks beyond the personal and considers the community-at-large.

3. A True Leader sees the future and uses the present to bring that vision into realization.

4. A True Leader is rejection free. He does not worry if there are those who dislikes him or opposes him. He seeks to bring them over to his side creatively.

5. A True Leader truly inspires others. Not for his rank, grade or appointment, but for who he is and who he represents.

6. A True Leader draws his strengths from within, renews his energy from his team and shares with his team.

7. A True Leader walks his own unique path of destiny, supported by the majority.

May you grow and become a True Leader. Excel Beyond Excellence!

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