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Has Joining The Toastmasters Movement Made A Difference In Your Life?

June 23, 2008

For today, I’ll feature a personal testimony by an active Toastmaster, Gerald Ong. I got to know him in one of the Club meetings some time back and he has been contributing articles to this blog since.

Do take time to read through his journey on becoming a better speaker. Then perhaps his sharing might inspire you to join Toastmasters and begin to improve your speaking and leadership skills.

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Has joining the Toastmasters Movement made a difference in your life?

Yes, I would say that it had made a difference in my life.

Joining Toastmasters allowed me to communicate more openly with others and nurture my speaking skills to a higher level. This is where contests are held to accelerate my learning pace. One day, I would become one of the Top 3 winners at a club contest.

I was exploring about the Toastmasters in March 2006. I found out regarding Toastmasters through the Singapore Polytechnic Website. I was a student at Singapore Polytechnic and had considered joining Toastmasters ever since I graduated. I decided to drop by the meeting for a visit and was impressed with the club. However, I decided to venture elsewhere and ended up at New Millennium Advanced Toastmasters through my working contacts.

I began my Toastmasters journey with an excellent mentor. She was kind enough to meet up with me for breakfast and guided me along my first 3 projects. I did not have any problems attempting my projects as I was able to share on my favourite subject, which is about Wine.

After that, I managed to overcome the obstacle of my basic manual in quick time with clear explanation of the objectives and speech rehearsals. I learnt how to present speeches that can be persuasive and inspiring to others.

Toastmasters have also groomed me into becoming a better leader through Club Officers Training held twice during my term of office as Sergeant-At-Arms.

Next term, I will be taking up a more challenging role, Vice President (Education). This is due to the fact that I am better at coordinating people for meetings and assigning members to accelerate their projects at a comfortable pace. I faced setbacks from my members when I pushed them over their limits. After much discussion with them, I was able to maintain their desired pace and continue to give them regular practice in speech evaluations.

Upon completing my basic manual, I was able to inspire my members to catch up on their manuals and make a difference to them. I was also able to guide new members in completing their projects on schedule. Even if they are unable to meet, I am prepared for the worst case scenario and take up the challenge.

Toastmasters have made a difference to my life and will cherish the friendships I have made forever. These friends, working partners and buddies think in the same wavelength as me.