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5 Practical Tips To Make Your Emails Communicate And Relate More Effectively

June 26, 2008

Yesterday’s training was one of a slightly different nature. Instead of just training about human behavior and thinking, this workshop reflected on our behavior online, when writing our emails.

In this particular training, “Writing Effective Emails”, we focused on how emails can affect interpersonal relationships and using it to better create positive impact to your receiver, especially in terms of career and when looking for a job.

I was also pleased to know that the participants took effort to practice and word their emails to ensure their emails were of appropriate nature, both personal and professionally.

To add on, here are more tips to help you communicate with others more effectively via email:

1. Emails are usually not as distant or formal as a typical business letter. Lighten up on the big words and jargons.

2. Your tone and mannerism is toughest to convey through email, hence you must pay more attention to how they are worded. Ensure that the words you use reflect the tone that you truly intend.

3. Put yourself in the right mood before you type or reply your emails. The mood and mindset you are in is likely to have an impact of the way you write it.

4. When the information gets complicated, consider using paragraphs, bullet points, rich text formats and icons.

5. Keep the overall email readable. Remember, get your message across is the ultimate aim of your email.

Even when you are online and into writing emails, there is also a need to communicate better and relate more effectively.

If you are willing, there are always ways you can Excel Beyond Excellence!