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3 Ways To Artfully Use Your Body Language in Your Speeches

June 28, 2008

It was two nights ago when we had the final lesson of the 4-session Speechcraft workshop for Telok Blangah Toastmasters Club. In this session, the key training and focus was on Body Language. I conducted an education presentation entitled, “Using Your Body Language in Speeches”. This was followed by a couple of Speechcrafters speaking on their graduation project that “Show What You Mean”.

It was definitely an extremely credible performance. The speeches indicated marked improvement over the sessions. The Speechcrafters also displayed their commitment towards becoming even better speakers. At the end of the whole Speechcraft training, all Speechcrafters wanted to join as Toastmasters.

To top off a most enriching session, here are some of the tips on I had shared on using your body language in speechmaking:

1. Avoid leaning on a single leg when you are speaking. It is a break of body symmetry and this stance of often gives the wrong messages of a lack of ‘grounding’ or respect for the audience. Balance your body weight, be it standing or walking around on stage.

2. Minimize the ‘stiff fingers syndrome’. It looks as if they are twigs or straight sticks when hand gestures are attempted to be used. Add an appearance of flow and flexibility to your fingers by curving the individual fingers at varying degrees.

3. Keep your body posture stable instead of displaying unnecessary swaying. Granted that this could be unconscious to you, but it comes forth clearly to the sharp-eyed audience, especially if you have the tall, slim and lanky type of body shape. Stability is what you want to show your audience. Stand firm on both feet when presenting your speech.

As the Speechcrafters move on to the regular Toastmasters Communication program, it’s always important to keep in mind and practice that they have learned over the past few weeks.

Consistent efforts working on the crafts of speech making will, over time, allow you to Excel Beyond Excellence!