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Proven Tips To Boost Your Public Speaking And Presentation Skills (Part 25)

July 2, 2008

A number of projects were presented at last night’s meeting. I’ve always like it when a club meeting showcases a range of projects with varying objectives. This also allows me to compare the different focuses of the speakers unto what they are supposed to show.

Hence, the NUS Toastmasters’ Club’s meeting yesterday had also Project 2: Organize Your Speech, Project 3: Get to the Point, Project 7: Research Your Topic in addition to Advanced Project 3 for Diffusing Verbal Criticism, mentioned in the previous posting.

As the speakers presented their prepared speeches, I could notice their efforts and sincerity in wanting to make their performance shine. That commitment itself was remarkable and admirable.

Some of the evaluation tips that I’ve shared with the speakers included:

1. When you intend to shock or surprise the audience, highlight what’s the shocking element that we should focus on. This is especially so when the audience seem to have no reaction to your ‘shocking facts’. By highlighting, at least you have the audience’s agreement and acknowledgement.

2. When you deal with an emotional topic, avoid using an anti-climatic remark or condescending tone at the end of your speech; unless it is part of your intention to put your audience to down and leave a blank aftertaste.

3. Understand that having a simple speech structure can help your audience understand your speech better. You do not need to overcomplicate the organization of your speech or by trying too hard to add innovation into your arrangement of pointers. Simplicity in your speech would mostly suffice.

As the speakers presented their speeches through the different project objectives, I had also noticed that they have been consistently improving. That is the power of the Toastmasters program.

Work conscientiously and soon you will Excel Beyond Excellence!