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7 Things Every Trainer Must Help Their Participants To Do (If You Don’t, They Won’t Learn Well…)

July 5, 2008

Yesterday was the conclusion of the extremely intensive 5 day “Train-the Trainer” workshop at the major government institution. Over these numbers of days, my participants and I have gotten to know each other better.

In addition, I could truly see their commitment to become excellent trainers and make a change in their own lives. I could feel the surging of emotions as we bade farewell to each other.

And I truly wish them, every single one of them, the very best for whatever is to come for their future. Better lives can be created; lives can be changed, with faith, commitment and passion.

On my way back, I did some reflection. I dawned upon what I’ve always been sharing with these participant-trainers over the last few days. And that is: People can indeed learn, if we can help our participants skillfully and artfully. Trainers can truly make things happen to get others to learn well.

Hence, here are the things every trainer must help their participants to do:

1. Help to get them to take personal responsibility for their own learning.

2. Help establish meaning and sense in the training topics.

3. Help them to open up and share their opinions.

4. Help to bridge the concepts and theories with real life applications.

5. Help them to be more involved and participate in the activities.

6. Help them enjoy the training.

7. Help them help themselves.

It is also through training that people improve and lives get changed. Therefore, our consistent effort must be there to keep helping participants to achieve the abovementioned areas.

In this way, the quality of your training will Excel Beyond Excellence!