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Creating A Workplace Where Your People Want To Belong (Or They Won’t Beat The Blues)

July 7, 2008

Today is Monday. And the thought of Monday often brings with it an association of “The Monday Blues”. Images of people dragging their feet and tired body to work tend to come to mind. Or perhaps the effects of weekend partying, shopping and booze haven’t worn off yet. Whatever you can say, Monday is usually not a welcomed day by many people.

And why is that so? Because many people apparently do not quite like going to work. (Well, isn’t that obvious?! you may exclaim.)

In my consultations with the various companies and organizations that want to make the workplace more attractive to the staff, certain changes have to be in place. While the actual things to be tweaked and adjusted may vary from office to venues, the underlying principles apply: It has to be a place and culture where your people want to be belong.

Here are some of the characteristics that you should have in order to make the workplace more appealing to your people:

1. The work they do have to be meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling to them.

2. It has to have a certain element of fun.

3. They have to be challenging to a balanced degree.

4. You have to inspire them to see beyond money, pay or salary.

5. Your people and you have to be in like-mindedness.

6. The relationships and communication at work have to be positive.

7. Your people must ultimately experience progress and improvement in their growth and performance.

Take a look at your workplace and culture now. Check against these 7 characteristics and work towards having as much in place as possible.

When there is a better workplace, your organization will then be more geared to Excel Beyond Excellence!