How Do You Know Your Leadership Influence and Management Strategies Have Performed Well? 7 Signs To Show Your Success

Over these past two days of training, my participants and I have been discussing and uncovering the various dynamics of leading and the art of influencing people towards the goals. Making the organizational leadership perform well is absolutely crucial to work success. This was what the “Supervisory Leadership” training is specifically designed to address and to provide the solutions in leadership management.

There were some pretty intensive practices and in-depth analysis into what leadership and management truly is and how leadership takes on other paradigms apart from what seems conventional. In the midst of the thoughts, discussions and reflections, everybody got to acquire new knowledge and skills. Most of all, the attitudes of a leader was vividly exhibited.

Therefore, as you carry forth your leadership strategies as well as to manage your staffs, you want to know if all your efforts have been worthwhile. It will definitely stand your department and you in good stead to know that these strategies and influence have performed well.

Here are the indications and signs of your leadership and management success:

1. Your staff and team members reflect the traits and values of your leadership influences and management ideologies.

2. They are pleased to have worked with you, as their leader.

3. Your staffs begin to train other staffs, using your philosophy and take on your legacy. (Note: This is apart from an instituted training policy, but rather an additional attitudinal display of your influence.)

4. There is an overall synergy and enthusiastic mood within your uplifted team.

5. Your staffs are willing to talk openly about it and the benefits your strategies bring.

6. Your customers return consistently to your organization with positive feedback.

7. The numbers and data show the differences. (It better.)

When you take on the responsibility of leading your team, your strategies will result in various impact. Read your organization for the above signs and you will be better poised on the road to Excel Beyond Excellence!

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