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How You Can Maximize The Key Elements Of A Dramatic Speech?

July 14, 2008

It was a grand occasion at AIA Changi Toastmasters Club last Thursday. That night featured the installation of the new term’s Executive Committee members as well as the presentation of various important awards. A packed program for the night indeed.

Sometime ago, I was invited to this meeting as an Advanced Project Evaluator. The speech to be evaluated was A Dramatic Speech from the Entertaining Speaker manual. I knew the audience and I were in for a treat. I especially looked forward to sharing my comments and observations.

The speech by Ivan turned out to be hilarious, enjoyable and entertaining. He took us back to memory lane as he recounted his childhood days, the hits and the misses. It was a series of ‘unforgettable’ events indeed. The audience was soon rolling in laughter as he recited those funny lines and exaggerated his movements.

When I was examining the key elements within the art of making a dramatic speech, I shared with him and the audience certain areas to pay attention to. These major areas include:

1. In a dramatic speech, let the verbal aspects lead your visuals. Interpret with your words and phrases instead of over relying on your body language.

2. Take care to vary your pace, tempo and rhythm of your speech flow. Make it fluent and easy to listen instead of mere monotony.

3. Involve your audience’s current emotion into your speech. This allows us to get deeper into your speech content, be it a story, an example or some analogy.

It’s always a higher art form to make a speech dramatic and memorable to the audience. It takes effort in crafting and rehearsing them. Work on these above elements to improve your speech even further. Keep practicing; it’s always worthwhile to Excel Beyond Excellence!