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5 Ways You Can Speak More Persuasively To Your Audience

July 15, 2008

Tonight was a fruitful meeting at my Club, The NUS Toastmasters Club. There were a series of tough “Ironman” table topics followed by 5 speech projects. You get to hear the presenters as they keep improving on their speaking skills.

Being the General Evaluator for the meeting, I shared my observations for how the meeting was conducted. And therefore suggested how the meeting could have been better run.

One of the project speeches tonight was a project 9 presentation on Persuade with Power. This particular project focuses on the basic aspects of swaying and influencing the audience to your side. A challenging project indeed.

To enable you, the speaker, to better enable your persuasiveness in your speech, here are some of the ways you can utilize to influence your audience:

1. Use metaphors to help your audience to better visualize and comprehend.

2. Check your credibility to make sure it matches your real messages within,

3. Address the emotional appeal instead of mere logical aspects.

4. Set up your introduction with a familiar situation so as to first reach out to them.

5. Cite established and supportive sources to build the legitimacy of your argument and the basis of your persuasion.

When you want to better persuade your audience, ensure that you integrate as many of these ways as possible. As you strive and practice consistently in the club meetings, you will discover that your persuasive powers will Excel Beyond Excellence!

See you at the meetings!