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How To Improve Your Sales Recruitment Rates? 5 Ways To Take Your Results Higher Than Ever.

July 16, 2008

A special sales and recruitment workshop entitled, “How to ‘Sell’ Toastmasters and Recruit New Members?” was conducted for the NUS Toastmasters Club tonight. I trained the participants on how to sell the concept of Toastmasters, public speaking as well as improve the recruitment level of members. I’ve been running this training for the past few years for this Club and other companies or organizations.

As usual, it was extremely interactive and jam-packed with simple yet potent information to take their sales results better than ever. Recruitment of new members is a essential part of every Club’s growth and objective. Our Club pays specific attention to this aspect because we understand the need for continuously renewal of members and injection of new blood.

How then can you improve your sales recruitment rates? Here are some of the ways:

1. Create sales cycles that match the psychology of your customers.

2. Your openers must trigger enough interest to make them want to listen more.

3. Learn to use more directive language instead of permissive language.

4. Approach them at a comfortable pace and angle, let their peripheral vision sense that you are moving close to them.

5. Use visual props to help you in your sales presentation instead of merely verbal words.

It’s always a privilege to be sharing important aspects of your products and services to customers. In Toastmasters, it becomes a life-changing experience. Let’s treasure the chance to reach out to the public, be it commercially or socially.

It’s always another opportunity to Excel Beyond Excellence!