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Watch Out For The Weakest Link (And The 5 Forms They Exist In Your Team)

July 18, 2008

Whenever you run a team as its Leader, watch out for the weakest link. This link does not just refer to the bond, but it also refers to a certain person or a group of people. When left unnoticed, it will destroy the harmony and synergy of your team. And over time, your team will work harder than ever, yet not deriving the results or achieving the goals you intend.

A team must hence function in tune with each other, irregardless of each individual’s talents. The lone ranger cannot eradicate crime and injustice in the whole county.

Conflicts could be part of the trait in your team, but it need not be negative. It’s when those conflicts escalate into something unhealthy for the team that it becomes the weakest link. A festering link means that you must administer the antidote or face the spread of unhappiness with your team. Should you not pay attention and wait till it’s too late, well… it’s too late then.

Never assume that it will blow over or it’s no big deal. Human beings don’t merely forget. Some remember, some remember with a vengeance.

You’ll see them in these forms:

1. Some will be so negative that nothing gets done. — The Naysayers.

2. Some will sap the energy out of the rest of the team, leaving them worned out, tired and listless. — The Energy Sappers.

3. While some will hold your team’s progress back so much that it actually retards. — The Retarders. (not retard!)

4. Some infuse complains into other members with no providence of sensible solutions. — The Constant Complainers.

5. And then, there are those that simply talk with no action. — The Mere Talkers.

Your team is only as strong as the weakest link.

You either work it or weed it out. Work with your team, build the cohesiveness together or you’ll have to remove that person. You make the call.

Watch out for the weakest link