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3 Tips On Being An Effective And Efficient Networker

July 20, 2008

As social beings, we meet people regularly. And the quality of these meetings and interactions is highly dependant on our ability to network well.

For today’s article, a friend, Gerald Ong, has contributed 3 pointers on being an efficient networker. I hope you’ll find these quick tips helpful to you in your daily encounters with people.


Being an Effective and Efficient Networker

You may wish to wonder what makes a person very resourceful in life.

It lies in his networking ability with people.

Networking is a process where different parties exchange their contacts to strike out a win-win deal to benefit both parties.

“The key to unlocking your social circle is the key to open your mouth wide and listen with your open ears”.

You may ask, “What does this quote mean to you?”

It reflects that we need to rely on our circles of classmates, friends and relatives to assist you in any way. Don’t forget your relatives can become your source of support.

I’ve learn hence, that we need to have interpersonal communication skills with our contacts.

In addition, we must remember to:

1. introduce ourselves properly,

2. enjoy interacting with others and

3. have a sense of humour.

Once you found the perfect equation in networking, your life will become very colourful.

Excellent Networking can be achieved if you strive to Excel Beyond Excellence!