Proven Tips To Boost Your Public Speaking And Presentation Skills (Part 28)

After my relationship coaching session yesterday, I rushed down to Raffles Place in order to attend another Toastmaster Club meeting. I was invited some time ago to be their Language Evaluator for the evening. As this was the first meeting of the new term for The Open Alumni Toastmasters Club, they had the installation of their new Executive Committee.

The program was rather intensive with an installation, a number of addresses in addition to the series of project presentation and evaluations. What I also liked about the meeting was the warm and friendly atmosphere with friends of the Club members lending their support to the event.

After the speech presentations, I highlighted to some of them how their projects can be better. Here are some of the tips that will work for their speeches:

1. When you are speaking on social issues, help us link it to our point of view and from our “version of the world”. Throughout your speech, establish and reestablish the grounds on why we should also take an interested stand like you and why we must be concerned about it.

2. If you are attempting to persuade the audience, remember that your passion counts. It’s not just mere recitations of memorized and scripted sentences.

3. While starting with a familiar quote is useful, you should also create the link to the main theme of the speech. Make the connection between the quote and your speech content clear instead of leaving the audience to sort it out within themselves.

It’s always a delightful experience listening to the speakers demonstrate their efforts in speech making. Whenever they have shown improvement, it reinforces the worth cause of constant self-development.

This becomes another purposeful step towards Excelling Beyond Excellence!

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