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5 Ways To Be More Comfortable At Using Visual Aids In Your Presentations

July 26, 2008

1. Switch on your computer and set up your PowerPoint slides before the Master of Ceremony introduces you, not after the introduction.

2. Remember to clean the air filter of the projector prior to using it. Otherwise the distracting reminder will be flashed unto the screen for all to see.

3. Stretch your speaking ability by having a physical prop as an extension instead of merely relying on the slides.

4. Avoid merely reading from the massive words on the slides; do add in areas not covered by your slides to make your presentation more purposeful.

5. Should you be reading, avoid the “rolling tongue” syndrome; the tendency to keep rolling and droning on and on as if you are reading a book. No matter what it’s still a speech. A talk is meant for you to talk to your audience.