How You Can Help Your Clients To Excel. Discover The 7 Ways To Effective And Positive Befriending

Although it was Sunday today, I have total admiration for the Befrienders who were ever so committed and turned up for the full-day training. When I concluded the 2 weekend Befrienders’ Training, it dawned upon me that these participant were simply so willing to give of their time and effort to some families they hardly know. My respect and admiration for them grew even more.

As they proceed after today upon becoming functioning Befrienders, I urged them to keep working towards creating that goodness and perpetuating that willingness to improve. The effort, despite the challenges, will always be worthhile.

Further to this, here are more ways you can help your clients to excel in their lives through befriending them:

1. Understand the real problem that are hidden behind their communication

2. Check back with your own resources and support networks to ensure you can provide sufficient aid.

3. Don’t spoonfeed your client with no valid reasons, groom them to help themselves.

4. Keep the end results promise realistic and achieveable. Avoid over-raising expectations unnecessarily

5. Share your own success encounters, so that they may take heed and follow as example.

6. Draw them out by being an effective active and reactive listener.

7. Always brew the foundation of integrity and the element of trust. Friendship comes with trust.

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