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3 Fundamental Tips You Can Apply To Your Introductory Speeches

August 7, 2008

In a recent Communication and Public Speaking Workshop, I’ve come to encounter a number of participants who are speaking for the first time. I’ve pleased and hearten by their courage to take on the challenge of speaking to the public. It will definitely be a worthwhile education and a most rewarding experience. This I assure you.

Adding on, I’ve also provide some improvement pointers to these speakers. Some of these include:

1. If you intend to use a unique theme, be sure to play out the scenario so that the audience can be absorbed into the “freshness” of your theme.

2. An introductory speech about you is not a listing of your life event. Strive to weave the significant events in your life into a natural flow or transition.

3. Avoid throw out strings of big pompous words that end up confusing the audience. While they may sound impressive, the audience might become more enamored with the “beauty” of the phrases than the intended meaning behind them.