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10 Extremely Crucial Things You Must Know When You Are The Master Of Ceremony

August 9, 2008

I was conducting a personal coaching today for a friend who will be performing the role of a Master of Ceremony in a few days’ time. Being the MC is always one of the most challenging yet enriching appointment you can take on in any function. There are always preparations needs beforehand and you are to cope to unforeseen changing situations during the function.

In aid you in better fulfilling this all-important role, you must definitely know about these crucial things:

1. You are one of the leaders of the event; therefore you are responsible on how the function runs.

2. You set the pace and the mood of the function by how you begin.

3. Taking responsibility to ensure things are in order before you commence.

4. Pay attention to how you transit from one event to another.

5. While you are the most upfront person, you do not work alone. Get the rest of the organizers into the act from the background.

6. Ensure that the speakers and guests are ready and aware that it’s their turn to be on stage before you introduce them.

7. Get the audience involved into the events. They want to “participate” in some way. “Tease” their minds.

8. Lead the applause; show them when to clap and when to listen.

9. End the function on at least a pleasant note. Leave a nice aftertaste. If you are up to it, make it end on a high note.

10. When you are in front, you have only yourself to rely on at the end. Be confident and go for it!