Words Of Well Wishes: The Winning Formula For A Winning Organization

Another grand event occurred tonight. It’s my Club’s Installation Ceremony. As its mentor, I’m extremely pleased and proud that The National University of Singapore Toastmasters Club has come very far. Far compared to how it was like when I first became a Toastmaster 12 years ago. We’ve experienced various enormous challenges through this decade and were at one time considered almost defunct.

But it’s all different now. We are now a President Distinguished Club. The membership has increased and is still increasing. We’ve even won an award in the previous term for having the 2nd most number of new members in the entire District. The current members are eager to participate and willing to support others. Not to mention the logistical support and funding are more than sufficient for provide for the usual meetings and various special events.

And tonight’s Installation comes with a glamorous, classy setting. It was a sumptuous buffet dinner in a cozy restaurant within NUS. We’ve had other Toastmasters from other Clubs, gracing the event, including the current Division Z Governor as our Installation Officer. The Executive Committee members were decked out in their formal attire, ready to boldly take on the responsibilities and challenges for this new term. Overall, it’s a grand event with great friends.

In my special speech for tonight’s event, I was to provide “Words of Well Wishes” to the Club for the new term. After some careful selection, I decided to briefly highlight the differences in our Club between now and then, drawing various humorous comparisons in the process.

But most of all, my well wishes were the building blocks of a winning organizations. They also form the winning formula for such an organization.

And that my wishes for us are that, as a Club, we will continue to WIN.

1. Win with Wisdom. A winning organization will provide its members and staff with continuous learning values and educational experience. In this way, everybody within can keep growing in wisdom and become even better performers in the process.

2. Win with Wealth. A winning organization must be able to generate wealth and sustain its funding. Through wealth it can run events, conduct campaigns, generate publicity and further grow its members, including customers. This also refers to having a workable organizational structure that functions well. A fluid system coupled with sensible design for expansion.

3. Win with WOW! A winning organization constructs the atmosphere, crafts the culture and creates the conduciveness that provides its members the WOW factor; an organization that everyone wants to belong and to contribute. This thus sets the cycle for a lasting organization that provides significant value to everyone and will unite its members.

As tonight’s event came to end, many of us lingered on for more fellowship and sharing. It was truly a night to remember and an experience to cherish.

May our Club continue to WIN and Excel Beyond Excellence!

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