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6 Steps To Step Up For Change

August 13, 2008

I had just concluded today the very intensive and in two and a half days training for the Step Up For Change program. This is a nation-wide initiative by the Work Development Agency (WDA) and the various Community Development Councils (CDC) to help women become more empowered for positive action and adapt to changes in their lives. In addition to this, I’ve designed this training to further enhance the participants’ ability to handle increasing life challenges, receive better employment opportunities as well as live a more enriching and meaningful life.

Therefore, here are the steps to help you STEP UP for Changes in Your life:

1. Sense what you need to change for the better.

2. Think creatively of ways to make your life work.

3. Energize yourself to charge up your life.

4. Plan your strategies for action.

5. Use resources and tools to aid you.

6. Perform regular review to improve.

Clearly this training is specifically designed to allow the participants to get out of the comfort zone in preparation to excel. And when you choose excel, you must become committed to keep working on it and strive to make it even better.

In this way, you will surely Excel Beyond Excellence!