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Proven Tips To Boost Your Public Speaking And Presentation Skills (Part 30)

August 20, 2008

There comes a time where every Toastmasters Club must have recruitment for its members so as to sustain its growth. And last night was my Club’s demonstration meeting; a display to the student population on how Toastmasters can help them improve their communication and leadership skills. It was thus NUS Toastmasters Club’s recruitment campaign.

In the midst of the program, we had 2 project speeches to showcase how, as a Toastmaster, one can present their speeches and receive evaluations for improvement. This will enable the attendees to better comprehend and appreciate the proven system of Toastmasters. I was glad those who turned up last night had a much better understanding of what we do in a meeting and got their questions answered.

The showcase speeches were also helpful in demonstrating how different aspects of speeches needed attention. Some of the areas for improvement were as follows:

1. Avoid being distracted by the timing device; stay on your intended track of speech.

2. In presenting a structured organization, watch how you use your transitions and your connections between the pointers. You want to ensure that they keep to a coherent flow.

3. Experience the emotions within yourself first so that your vocals can be further marked with variety.