The 3 Common Myths Of Your Networking And The Truths Behind Them

We had a wonderful networking time yesterday at the 2 day training session. I was glad in this training “Network Your way To Success”, my participants could literally apply instantly what they have learnt.

To further address what networking is about, here are some common myths of networking and the actual truth that you can use to your advantage.

1. Myth: Networking is just talking.

Truth: You convey a part of your personality too.

2. Myth: networking is giving out your namecards to as many people as you can.

Truth: Quality networking means that your namecard has a significant value to the one who receives it.

3. Myth: Effective networking means you must know a large number of people; hence you have a wide network.

Truth: You can also network effectively by having much less number of people but developing much deeper relationships with the few right people.

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