8 ‘C’ Steps To Overcome Crisis in Your Life

In life, we do face that occasional crisis. For some, they occur once in a long while and to others, it seems to be a regular happening. From the departure of loved ones to the onslaught of health matters or even a major financial disaster, one might find these too much to bear. But bear, endure and preserve you must.

You might ask why do they arise? It’s a question that its beyond our human mind and comprehension. The mysterious setting of situations and the triggering of events demand that you understand the bigger picture of how everything works in this life. It’s a question that most social scientists, philosophers and the likes have debated over the millennium.

During the private coaching and counseling sessions, I’ve worked with a number of individuals facing such crisis and more. Recently I’ve counseled a friend who felt lost in the challenges of living and barely surviving in the storms of life. We worked through intensively on the issues and the paradigms begin this. And I’m extremely pleased to report that this friend-client of mine is now on the way to a much better and empowered lifestyle.

What then can one do when a crisis dawns, here are the 8 C steps to help you overcome the crisis:

1. Calm your emotions

2. Clear your mind

3. Craft out a resolution plan

4. Customize it to the specific situation

5. Clean out the cause of the crisis

6. Create the emotion of enthusiasm in your endeavor, no matter what.

7. Carry out your plan

8. Continue to see the possibilities and the positives

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