7 Timely Reminders For The Leaders

There’s another of my Supervisory Leadership training that is being conducted over these 2 days. I regard leadership training as a fundamental requirement and leadership as a highly essential and relevant skill for any organization. Without effective leadership, an organization remains stagnant, unable to move beyond or further its cause.

Hence, for the leaders, here are some timely reminders that we can all work on:

1. Time to listen to your staffs: How are they taking to their work?

2. Time to be sensitive: Do you know how things are going on around you?

3. Time to be flexible: Are you adapting to the changing circumstances?

4. Time to build deeper rapport: Are the working relationship between you and your staffs better than before? Do customers trust you more than ever?

5. Time to review your organization: Is this the optimum structure you are running?

6. Time to reflect: Is this the best you can be as the Leader?

7. Time to excel: Are you taking your team to the next level?

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