5 Common Things Both Of You MUST ABSOLUTELY HAVE To Construct A Long-Lasting Relationship

I was conducting a very special and exclusive seminar for the ladies 2 nights ago. In this private seminar entitled, “What Men Want”, I unveiled the workings of the male gender and how they function. Many were surprised that things were not what they seemed to be. Plenty of interests were generated and we had as many ladies as possible to clear their doubts. In the midst of the sharing, plenty of pointers were exchanged along with the humorous nuggets of funny relationship encounters.

To tag on the subject of building better relationships with you and your other half, let me share with you the common things that both of you must definitely, absolutely, compulsorily have in order for your relationship to last… and last… and last:

1. The common willingness to comprehend each other.

2. The common willingness to compromise with each other.

3. The common willingness to communicate with each other.

4. The common willingness to complete each other.

5. The common willingness to come together regularly

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