What 3 Things That You, As A Parent, Must Know During Your Parental Connections Match-Making Sessions?

The Singapore dating scene has always been changing and will evolve even more. More back to a traditional sense in some way. Traditionally speaking, ancient Asians get hitched by means of using a match-maker with parents of both families playing an active role in the process.

Last Sunday, just 2 days ago, it was nostalgic times where parents now play the active, rather, hyperactive roles of seeking out the best mate for their single children. The Parental Connections Match-Matching Session was a massive grand success, with more than double the numbers of parents turning up instead of the anticipated 40. This pioneering occasion in Singapore was featured over all the various media on the very same day and days after. You can also view and read about this offline and online.

As this was the initial run of this event, there were various things and understandings that have to be sorted out. Nonetheless, knowing the following 3 tips will greatly help in your match-making session:

1) What is considered a match? Is it the educational status, the age, hobbies or habits or others?

2) What is the match-making process like? Do you just collect numbers and contact? How do I give out my contacts? What steps do I need to take to make the sessions fruitful?

3) What are the key concerns and implications after the match-making sessions? How do I tell my child? How do I commence contact with the other party? Where go they move on next?

Remember to do your due-diligence. As parents, you have significant influence over the lifestyles and, to a fair extend, the potential spouse of your child.

Exercising knowledge and practicality of these tips will surely make your future Parental Connections Match-making sessions a lot more purposeful and, perhaps, the future of your child, more blissful.

Best Wishes to your match-making!

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