What Your Relationships Truly Are, And What They Should Not Be For You

Following the well-received workshop on “What Men Want” the previous week was another successful run of “What Women Want” just a couple of nights ago. I’m glad that in WWW, the men now had a better understand of the other gender and are better geared to create more meaningful relationships. It’s also a booster for the participants to be socially apt in their personal lives.

Adding on to the overall understanding of relationships, here are what they truly are as well as what rhey should not be for you:

1. Your relationships are meant to be worked at, not for you stare at and do nothing about them.

2. Your relationships are designed to add meaning, not take away any lives (figuratively, and in extreme cases, literally.)

3. Your relationships are created to enhance and build up the fundamental social and emotional needs of you, the person, not devastate and destroy the primary functioning of a person.

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