Unveiling The 5 Secrets To Become The Winning Debating Team

Over the past 2 days, I had been intensively and diligently conducting multiple runs of training for the participants of the Debating Skills group. The training program and contents were fully packed due the highly informative and technical nature of debates. More than half of them were interesting in venturing into competitive debating.

Whenever I coach and work with competitive teams in debates, I would study the dynamics of them working together as a team. After all, should they win the debate, it’s often the collective effort of every team member.

Through the practices, we further explored how teams win debates. I’ve also shared with them some of the secrets behind winning debates as a team:

1. Work intensively on creating a cohesive debate team.

2. Study your opposing team and notice the “cracks” within their team.

3. Refine the motion in your favor to limit the influence of your opposing team.

4. Make use of incoherent arguments to dislodge their motions.

5. Win the audience over with your sound analysis and emotional appeals.

(Source: wekie.com)

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