The 5 Key Dynamics You Must Pay Attention To When You Communicate And Solve Problems With Your Team

A quick check with my schedule indicated that the past few days were absolutely packed with various trainings. The pace of living a life as a public speaker, trainer and consultant has picked up tremendously over the years. To me, this is somewhat a sign of the growing need and recognition for Professional Excellence trainings, speaking engagements and personal consultations as well as an increase in the participants’ willingness to upgrade themselves.

No longer is it possible to just be contented with fundamental technical skills, the soft skills aspects are now the essentials. It’s not just the norm, but it’s so necessary that even companies are demanding that their staffs know how to build better relationships with quality communication. This is even more so when problems abound at work, and, to a fair degree, exist in their personal lives.

Hence just 2 days ago, on Saturday, I completed Day 2 of the “Communication and Problem Solving for Leaders” training. In this customized in-house workshop for that multi-national cooperation, I explored with the leader-participations the range of key dynamics in leading people via effective communication, resulting in better ways to solve work problems and issues.

I also made sure that these learning points were easy and quick to apply with fast results. When the participants gave their input, I was highly delighted when they integrated the communication concepts into their demonstrations.

Taking it further, some of the key dynamics that you must pay attention to whenever you are communicating with your team to solve problems include:

1. The Agreement on the values and ultimate outcome or objectives of the project.

2. The Acceptance of the ground rules during the exploration of the issues and the discussion of the problems.

3. The Understanding of the flow of the problem solving model and process.

4. The Willingness to suspend personal biasness and let go of the limitations in perceptions.

5. The Intention to cooperate with each other in working towards resolving the problems.


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2 Comments on “The 5 Key Dynamics You Must Pay Attention To When You Communicate And Solve Problems With Your Team”

  1. soulseeking Says:

    just breezing by. I like this post. sometimes we’re tempted to throw in the towel on business and personal relationships that don’t go 100% smoothly, but rather than chuck the whole connection, we can learn so much by trying to reopen dialog and checking our biases at the door.

  2. Wekie Says:

    I fully agree with you.
    Instead of merely giving up on certain communication issues, it’s possible (tough as it might be, perhaps) to discover how can we communicate differently and display another perspective.
    After all, this is what working together is about: regular communication and teaming up.

    Thanks for breezing by. Have a super life ahead!

    Warmest regards,

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