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How You Can Suavely And Smoothly Network With Flair

November 21, 2008

Throughout the first few days of this week, I’ve been conducting the trainings for a few organizations and institutions. Coincidentally, they all happened to be networking related seminars. One was “Network And Communicate Your Way To Success”, while the other was “Network Your Way to Success”. However since the participants will be using these skills for different focuses, hence I customized the content to their relevance. After all, what use is a skill if it can’t be properly applied in the right context?

What was really fun about these trainings was that it involves plenty of interactions and practice. The participants also got into a glimpse of Human Behavioral Psychology, an exploration into how human beings act and react in social settings and encounters.

After all, we are all social creatures. None of us can avoid not being influenced by others. Hence networks are formed no matter you want or not. The key question is: how then do you network positively and with flair?

Here are some tips that will surely help you along in your interaction, making them suave and smooth:

1. Be willing to approach others to break the ice.

2. Be purposeful in your words and consider how your words affect others.

3. Be paying attention to what others are telling you.

4. Be tactful and diplomatic with your comments and replies.

5. Be in contact by following up with them.



How To Network And Communicate Your Way To Success With People?

October 8, 2008

I love the training over these 2 days! At my workshop on “Network and Communicate Your Way to Success”, we’ve interacted immensely, laughed heartily and discussed intensively the real life and relevant issues. Participations were strongly encouraged to express their viewpoints and demonstrate their networking abilities. Upon reflection, so much learning has taken place.

In addition, here are some of the ways to network and communicate with people who will help you towards your life path of success:

1. Seek to establish personal credibility and integrity.

2. Be receptive and open to different opinions and types of people you meet.

3. Maintain a fair balance of tact and diplomacy in your mannerisms.

4. Reciprocate in kind upon receiving recommendations and assistance.

5. Enhance your sense of personal touch, rapport and connection with people.


7 Simple Steps To Negotiate And Network Your Way Through Life And On To Success

September 28, 2008

While yesterday was Saturday, I applaud the commitment of the different department managers who attended Day 2 of the in-house “Effective Negotiation Skills” training. We explored and discussed the various negotiation strategies and specific concepts that will take them further at work and in life.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with them and training them as everyone were highly responsive and interactive. There were laughter galore and lessons were imparted. They also took notes as we related real life experiences and examples.

And it’s obvious that in life, we do negotiate and interact with our network of friends. In the midst of all these interaction, we can take the opportunity to negotiate our way through life and on to success with the following steps:

1. Pay attention to what you are looking for in life.

2. Establish what you can offer to others that will benefit them, the greater the better.

3. Build up rapport and relationship with them as you interact and contact these people.

4. Request for a mutually beneficial collaboration with them.

5. Seek compromise on what both of you can agree on.

6. Put an agreed plan into place.

7. Keep each other updated and in contact for further refinements and continuing partnerships.

When you work on your negotiation skills, you can enhance your network to better benefit others and yourself to life’s success. Hence your life becomes one that Excels Beyond Excellence!

How You Can Step Up To Life’s Changes And Challenges

August 29, 2008

I was with the training group just two days ago, completing the final module for the 2.5 days “Step Up for Change” training. It’s a government initiated nation-wide empowerment training for women in Singapore, helping them to step out of the comfort zone, step up to challenges and step forward to meet life’s changes confidently.

What I dearly liked about the training was the interactively and the sharing of the female participants on issues faced by women in Singapore. Truly there are challenges waiting to be addressed. It hence became evident that the participants had recommitted to work and improve their lives better with the steps they had created.

And to follow on, here are more ways you can help yourself step up to life’s changes and face the challenges:

1. Be willing to change your paradigm.

2. Work on your confidence.

3. Be informed of changes.

4. Manage your finances and resources.

5. Enlist help and seek expert advice.

6. Make positive acquaintances and network.

7. Review your plans regularly for improvement.

I sincerely wish every one of the participants the very best in their lives and may they always Excel Beyond Excellence!

The 3 Common Myths Of Your Networking And The Truths Behind Them

August 27, 2008

We had a wonderful networking time yesterday at the 2 day training session. I was glad in this training “Network Your way To Success”, my participants could literally apply instantly what they have learnt.

To further address what networking is about, here are some common myths of networking and the actual truth that you can use to your advantage.

1. Myth: Networking is just talking.

Truth: You convey a part of your personality too.

2. Myth: networking is giving out your namecards to as many people as you can.

Truth: Quality networking means that your namecard has a significant value to the one who receives it.

3. Myth: Effective networking means you must know a large number of people; hence you have a wide network.

Truth: You can also network effectively by having much less number of people but developing much deeper relationships with the few right people.

5 Ways To Be AWARE And Remain Relevant To The Changes Around You

July 30, 2008

I was impressed by the turnout of the crowds. Today is the launch of “Step Out For Change” program of which I am the Course Developer and Lead Trainer. What I also noted were the various companies offering employment opportunities for the visitors as well as upgrading of skills and knowledge.

For the launch of this event, the organizers invited Mr Gan Kim Yong, the Acting Minister for Manpower and Advisor to Chua Chu Kang Grassroots Organizations as the Guest-of-Honour. At present was also Special Guest, Mdm Halimah Yacob, Deputy Secretary-General of National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) and Member of Parliament. As this is hosted by South West Community Development Council (CDC), the Mayor of South West District and Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Dr Amy Khor, was also there to officiate the event.

Following his tour of the exhibition venue and the program briefing, the Guest-of-Honor, Mr Gan, had a chat with me. In the midst of the conversation, I shared with him the key reasons why I designed the program in this manner and the underlying benefits it will bring to the program participants. We also had some quick mutual sharing on the upcoming trends that our society will soon experience.

As this is a nation-wide program for all women in Singapore, they are welcomed to benefit from Stepping Out and changing their lives for the better. After all, nothing remains the same and Singapore as a society is indeed evolving. One must hence be able to better grasp the opportunities as they unveil.

In line with coping with changing times, here are some ways you can become more AWARE in being relevant with the modernized world:

Be Alert to your surroundings

Work your plan conscientiously

Align with the right people.

Relearn your skills and learn new techniques.

Exercise for renewed energy

3 Tips On Being An Effective And Efficient Networker

July 20, 2008

As social beings, we meet people regularly. And the quality of these meetings and interactions is highly dependant on our ability to network well.

For today’s article, a friend, Gerald Ong, has contributed 3 pointers on being an efficient networker. I hope you’ll find these quick tips helpful to you in your daily encounters with people.


Being an Effective and Efficient Networker

You may wish to wonder what makes a person very resourceful in life.

It lies in his networking ability with people.

Networking is a process where different parties exchange their contacts to strike out a win-win deal to benefit both parties.

“The key to unlocking your social circle is the key to open your mouth wide and listen with your open ears”.

You may ask, “What does this quote mean to you?”

It reflects that we need to rely on our circles of classmates, friends and relatives to assist you in any way. Don’t forget your relatives can become your source of support.

I’ve learn hence, that we need to have interpersonal communication skills with our contacts.

In addition, we must remember to:

1. introduce ourselves properly,

2. enjoy interacting with others and

3. have a sense of humour.

Once you found the perfect equation in networking, your life will become very colourful.

Excellent Networking can be achieved if you strive to Excel Beyond Excellence!

5 Essential Things You Must Truly Do To Have A Successful Network

May 23, 2008

Yesterday’s training was another roaring success. During the “Network Your Way To Success” workshop, the participants gave their all when it came to learning, discussing and applying whatever they had been taught. The finale further brought the training to an all-time high as well. Kudos to everybody! May you gain improved networks and even better lifestyles than ever!

For those who want to create this successful network, here are the essential things you must work on:

1. Know what kind of contacts you are looking for. Getting clarity with the proper contacts you want will accelerate your success in life.

2. Have a contact management system to help you network better. It’s useful and worth the initial effort, resulting in greater saving of time, effort and money.

3. Follow-up is crucial. Keep in touch with your contacts. Let them know you’re around.

4. Aim for win-win outcome. Let yourself win by helping your contacts to win and gain.

5. Always show gratitude and appreciation to your contacts. This will build long term mutual gains, trust and relationships with each other.

It has been an inspiration and honor to be your Trainer. Remember the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired in the course will definitely carry you further.

Always Excel Beyond Excellence!