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7 Steps To Creating A Sales Plan That Will Powerfully Boost Your Results

July 13, 2008

Many salespeople have been working on better plans to increase their sales results. Being able to plan is a crucial part of executing an effective sales design. It is when a sales plan is well thought out that can you maximize the chances of closing the sales. In my consultations with the various companies, I’ve emphasize that such an effective plan will exponentially increase their revenues. And it’s not that difficult or challenging to implement too.

Furthermore, two days ago, at the conclusion of the 2-day “Dynamic Selling That Shows Results” seminar, I highlighted again the importance of having a sales plan and the ability to manage it well. I was glad that the participants took to considering better ways to improve their sales and meet the quotas. This had also made the training most productive and results orientated.

In a nutshell, here are the steps to the plan:

1. Decide if your plan is to be management centric, product centric or customer centric.

2. Focus on developing your selling points that cater to customers.

3. Package your products and selling points in favor of the customers’ preferred design.

4. Publicize and market to raise awareness of products and entice customers.

5. Know that your timing of the sales execution matters immensely.

6. Craft out opportunities in your plan for up-selling and cross-selling.

7. Always remember to fine-tune the loose ends in your overall plans.

When you can take time to design your intricate sales plan, you can use it to smoothly allow your product and services to move into the hands of your customers. Take time to consider the intricate effects of each step of your plan.

When delicately and effectively designed, your sales will Excel Beyond Excellence! Best wishes.

5 Important Marketing Principles For Building Your Customer Relationships

June 22, 2008

There are always new concepts and principles one can discover in marketing and relationship management. Whenever I conduct consultation for the different companies, I will help these companies to better integrate and apply these essential principles. The end result is always an increase in profits, sales and customer base.

Over the past 2 days in “Winning Customers with Relationship Marketing”, I had been sharing these important pointers with my participants from different companies. As prime drivers in the sales and marketing of their organizations, they are tasked with creating a stronger level of customer relationships and ultimately, improving sales results.

Hence, it will always pay dividends to take account of these principles:

1. Your customers ultimately judge you by how they feel about you and your products.

2. Trust and Likeability is the key factor in relationship marketing.

3. Regular contact allows your customers to remember you better.

4. It’s always an advantage to understand your customers first and relate to them differently, instead of a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

5. Your customers do want to have a relationship with you. Show them how they have it with everything to gain for themselves.

It is with conscious application and reviewing of your marketing strategy that you can increase your customer base. Seek to integrate them into your current business structure and focus.

May your organization and you Excel Beyond Excellence!

What You Need In Order To Negotiate The Impossible

June 5, 2008

There comes a time where every negotiator may have to face his own Goliath. That’s like a near impossible negotiation situation or a gigantic counterpart who appears unconvinced. It happens. It just happens.

However, just because it seems unlikely that a deal will occur wouldn’t imply you need to give up. You can always seek to change the way you do things. Because in negotiations, so many elements come into play and so much dynamics occur within. You just have to change.

For the past 3 days, my participants and I have been working and discussing on really tough negotiation situations. In this particularly intensive training, “Effective Negotiation Skills”, the duration has been expanded into 3 full days instead of the usual 2 days. I led these leader-participants to work on the dynamics and intricacies of negotiations and deals making. The intend was to allow the participants to discover the fine art of negotiation within and be empowered to enter into negotiations with various parties. Their generous sharing and participations made the session all the more meaningful and fun.

And from these trainings and real-life encounters, here are the key things you will need when you want to negotiate the impossible and with the impossible:

1. Guts and courage. You just got to have them.

2. Awareness of the dynamics of the negotiation, the situation, the background and the other parties. Your awarenss will require you to further analyzie in your mind how things will proceed from there.

3. Rationality. Keep your mind clear no matter how pressurizing it is or how demanding the other party is.

4. The ability to associate, disassociate and re-associate. This has very much to do with gaining superb advantage over the other party. You get to connect with emotion, yet keep your thoughts stable.

5. Quick wit. This is extremely vital for comebacks in negotiation. It’s a requirement for top-notch negotiating. What do you do when sacarsm and insults are hurled at you? How do you react when sensitive issues are brought up? And can you make a life changing decision when demanded? You will face all these with less than 10 seconds to reply.

6. Sharp tongue. Not only must your wit be quick, so must your tongue. Being sharp in replying takes the key advantages away from the other party and into your mouth, err.. your hands. Learn to speak well.

7. Accurate reading skills. You must read the changes and the non-changes well. Things become very dynamic once you meet up with each other. The party who can read better and respond accordingly has the huge upper hand.

8. Challenge the paradigm. Everyone comes into negotiation and deals making with their own paradigm and perspectives of how things should be. You’ve got to be able to challenge these inner opinions and further convince them why these paradigms should allow room for accommodation. The question is… dare you challenge?

9. Coolness. Now I don’t mean be cold. Coolness and coldness are different. Coolness tends to attract people to you while coldness repels. Unless it’s a reversal strategy, let the other party know that you can handle them, no matter what. Be cool.

10. Sincerity. Behind the coolness, lies the irony. You have to be emotional enough to let them feel your sincerity; and that you truly want to establish a win-win relationship with them… for the long term. Let them know it. And let them feel it.

Negotiating the impossible is no mean feat. It’s hardly a walk in the park. It sets the standard and requires the best out of you. Face it and work on it. That’s how you Excel Beyond Excellence!

What Employers And Interviewers Really Want? 10 Insights About The Employers You Must Know That Will Help You Get That Job

May 27, 2008

Whenever I conduct personal coaching and training for the jobseekers, I also assist them in changing the paradigm of what interviews really. In addition, I move on to show them what employers really want and what the interviewers are looking out for during that interview session. Then we went on to craft key strategies and techniques that will help them get the jobs they want.

Here are some of the insights that will shed light on what employers and interviewers really want:

1. They want to you show how you can solve their problems. Be a problem solver and solution-provider.

2. They want you to show how you can help them achieve their goals. Show them what you can do!

3. They want you to be the one they can employ so that they don’t have to waste the remainder of the time interviewing others. Make them glad that they have gotten to know you. Let them know YOU are THE ONE. Look no further!

4. They want you to make their money worth. Show them what you are worth!

5. They want you to get to the point, instead of beating around the bush. Get to the point with what you say. Nuff’ said.

6. They want to like you. Be likeable.

7. They want you to impress them about what you know about them. So study the company well and let them know they are “under your micro-scope”

8. They want to be assured that you have the skills to perform the job. Work on the assurance and highlight your skills competency.

9. They want to know that you can understand them and be part of them. Rapport, rapport, rapport!

10. They want their time spend interviewing you to be worthwhile. Therefore, make their time worthwhile.

May you be fruitful in your job search and interviews. Always seek to Excel Beyond Excellence!

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Negotiations Become Deadlocked

May 10, 2008

It was an intensive and enriching session yesterday as I rounded up the training. “Effective Negotiation Skills” has always been one of the most popular courses I conduct and the past 2 days were no exception.

I liked how the participants shared their thoughts and appreciate their opinions. Such interactions always made the training purposeful. Well done to everybody and keep up the wonderful work!

From what we covered in training on defusing deadlocking situations during negotiations, I am also sharing with you the key reasons behind the deadlocking of negotiations. (Note: this is as opposed to purposely having a deadlock as part of your strategy or plan.)

And the top 10 reasons are:

1. A clash of values

2. Poor communication skills

3. The lack of trust and integrity

4. Unable to empathize and relate with each other

5. Refusal to endorse the virtues of compromise or give-and-take

6. Believe only in win-lose results as the outcome of negotiations

7. People are out to reap the other party apart

8. Far too many complex issues to be sorted out

9. Not knowing the next step of the plan

10. Close mindedness

It is with these reasons in mind that we can attempt to work on defusing these situations when we negotiate. After all, negotiations are meant to help you get what you want so that you can Excel Beyond Excellence!

10 Things You Need To Do For Negotiation and Sales Tactics To Work Powerfully

April 5, 2008

Yesterday was the conclusion of the 2-part “Effective Negotiation Skills” training that was first conducted on last Saturday. During the training, we also discussed on the examples and applications of the various tactics covered.

Adding on for effectiveness, here are the things you will need to do so that the tactics you employ will work powerfully.

1. You need to know and read your customers well, beyond surface level where possible.

2. You need to discover what makes them tick or what can influence them positively. The better you can understand the trigger factors in your customers, the easier you will be able to get your point across.

3. You need to be comfortable with using that particular tactics. Personal ethics and moral factor must be addressed first.

4. You need to understand and accept the risks involved. If you find certain tactics and the consequences too risky, don’t use that tactic. Use the one that you truly can accept

5. You need to be confident with yourself in order for the tactics to be effective.

6. You need to adopt it to your style, your personality and mostly importantly, your heart. Tactics are mostly conceptual and empirical when discussed. However your personality, sales and negotiation style will affect the way it is being carried out. Your heart also becomes a crucial element of applying them smoothly.

7. You need to know when to stop applying that tactic or switch to other tactics. Tactics are meant to be flexible and relative to the individual situations. It is your ability to read the flow and changing themes during negotiation that puts you ahead of others.

8. You need to reflect on its effectiveness and seek improvement on it.

9. You need to practice ahead before you apply it in actual situation. Some tactics have to be carried out in demonstrations while others can be rehearsed in your head.

10. You need to truly like the work you do and can also have the customers’ interests in mind. The more you are able to put in your heart and soul into your work, the better your work turns out to be. When you include the interests and welfare of your customers’ into your consideration, you will touch and connect with the customers much better and faster.

It takes time to use negotiation and sales tactics with flair. However, this will only mean that through perseverance, you will get better.

Best wishes and may you Excel Beyond Excellence!

What You Must Pay Attention To For Greater Negotiation And Sales Advantage

April 3, 2008

It’s always an advantage possessing the ability to negotiate well. You get to become more productive and more enriched, in various ways. Today, I had finished conducting training for the staffs of an established company that deals with automotive and industrial products. This two-day “Effective Negotiation Skills” course is customized to help the participants become more apt in their scope of sales and negotiation work.

During your negotiation, you want to pay attention to these following factors to gain a further advantage:

1. The setting and atmosphere of the negotiation venue. This will indirectly affect the mood of both parties.

2. The energy and stance of your negotiating counterparts.

3. The strength and weakness of your own team.

4. The flow and changing directions of the negotiation process.

5. The dynamism and language used by both parties.

6. The timing to adjourn or to close.

7. The extend of the other team’s commitment level to follow through.

7 Critical Sales Keys To Further Improve Your Sales Results Massively

April 1, 2008

Throughout these two days of trainings on “Dynamic Selling That Shows Results”, I’ve full confidence that the participants can go forth to handle the sales situations and produce improved revenues. They’ve participated actively and displayed improved learning abilities in selling.

Some of the Sales Keys that can further improve your sales results to a massive level include:

1. The Key of Trust. The customers have to trust the seller before they will part with their hard-earned big money. (At least not a sane one.)

2. The Key of the Follow-Up. Sometimes, it’s in the follow up that you gain better sales. Never ignore your present customers and prospective ones.

3. The Key of Persuasive Sales Language. Once you can understand and apply the power of persuasive sales language, you can easilly influence your customers to buy with exponential results. Watch your words!

4. The Key of Wants and Desire. Customers mostly want to buy, but they do not want know they are sold. (A paradox indeed.)

5. The Key of the Preferences and Personality. Understanding your customers’ preferences allow you to better customize your sales presentation.

6. The Key of Mastering Multiples and Flexibility. There are multiple ways of selling at multiple timing to multiple people. Master more than one ways will open up your market and target tremendously.

7. The Key of Signals. Pay attention to the closing signals of your customers. They will drop hints and signs of when is the appropriate time to close, buy and pay.

Here’s to your sales success and always keep Excelling Beyond Excellence!

Proven Ways to Achieve Mutually Winning Results In Your Negotiations And Sales

March 30, 2008

It was another full training yesterday. During daytime, I was conducting an intensive workshop on Effective Negotiation Skills for a technology company. Meanwhile, I also ran another training on Public Speaking at night. While the whole day was fast paced, it was just as fulfilling.

In my consultation and coaching with companies and clients, I have formulated and worked on a series of strategies and ways to attain winning results for both parties. Here are some of the ways I have used and have proven to work well towards mutual wins:

1. Think beyond merely winning and losing with your other party. There can be balances and gray areas in-between to attain win-win results.

2. Establish mutually consenting grounds and rules of engagement.

3. Pre-agree on the possible alternatives should there be a dead-lock during your negotiation process.

4. Insist on maintaining the respect between both parties.

5. Operate from the world of abundance rather than the mindset of limitation.

6. Keep an open mind to other’s view points and appreciate them despite the differences.

7. Allow both parties to freely air on the issues first and then.document the agreed terms.

Mutually winning results are possible when the sharp strategies are being employed. Utilizing them smartly will always ensure your negotiation results and partnership will Excel Beyond Excellence!

Top Reasons Why Negotiations, Sales And Deals Fail

February 22, 2008

Over these last two days was another intensive and highly interactive training on “Effective Negotiation Skills”. The participants came from a wide variety of industries and represent different organizations. We get to hear their view points and they also get to practice the many strategies taught.

One of the areas covered also included the reasons behind the failings of negotiations, selling process and deals making. To add on, here are some of the reasons:

1. A lack of rapport and trust.

2. A lack of sincerity and integrity

3. The thinking was win-lose instead of win-win.

4. There was a clash of values.

5. Did not communicate well with each other.

6. Poor employment of negotiation tactics and overall strategy.

7. Lack of awareness and display of insensitivity.