5 Practical Speaking Tips For Effective Quick Speaking

Last night was the first session of the Telok Blangah Toastmasters Club’s Speechcraft training. In this initial lesson, we focused on getting the participants to begin speaking. Hence, Table Topics, or otherwise known as Impromptu Speaking, became an immediate subject of training.

The participants took turns to come forth and presenting their first speech. While it was only 1-2 minutes long, they were eager to express their words and employed the structures taught during the educational talk. I was glad they took the opportunity to enroll and learn the art of speaking and communication.

When it comes to being able to speak in an impromptu manner, here are some of the quick tips that you can employ:

1. Select a structure of the speech.

2. Focus on one area of the topic instead of attempting to cover too much breadth.

3. Tap on what you already know. Speak on your area of knowledge and expertise.

4. Go with the flow. Link one previous point to the next point.

5. Trust yourself. You have to be in congruence with yourself as you present.

It’s always commendable to begin the speaking journey. I urge you to persist and continue the effort to improve your speaking skills. With effective planning, perseverance and practice, your speaking skills will Excel Beyond Excellence!

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