5 Important Marketing Principles For Building Your Customer Relationships

There are always new concepts and principles one can discover in marketing and relationship management. Whenever I conduct consultation for the different companies, I will help these companies to better integrate and apply these essential principles. The end result is always an increase in profits, sales and customer base.

Over the past 2 days in “Winning Customers with Relationship Marketing”, I had been sharing these important pointers with my participants from different companies. As prime drivers in the sales and marketing of their organizations, they are tasked with creating a stronger level of customer relationships and ultimately, improving sales results.

Hence, it will always pay dividends to take account of these principles:

1. Your customers ultimately judge you by how they feel about you and your products.

2. Trust and Likeability is the key factor in relationship marketing.

3. Regular contact allows your customers to remember you better.

4. It’s always an advantage to understand your customers first and relate to them differently, instead of a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

5. Your customers do want to have a relationship with you. Show them how they have it with everything to gain for themselves.

It is with conscious application and reviewing of your marketing strategy that you can increase your customer base. Seek to integrate them into your current business structure and focus.

May your organization and you Excel Beyond Excellence!

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4 Comments on “5 Important Marketing Principles For Building Your Customer Relationships”

  1. […] wekie wrote an interesting post today on 5 Important Marketing Principles For Building Your Customer …. Here’s a quick excerpt: […]

  2. your research is competitive. can i have a comment on “marketing starts with customers and ends with customers”

  3. i like your research but i also want information on the question below

    ‘marketing starts with customers and ends with customers’

  4. Wekie Says:

    Hi Tsitsi,

    Thank you for your compliments.

    The topic ‘marketing starts with customers and ends with customers’ refers to a loop. This is one of the perspectives about marketing.

    Here’s my explanation:

    1. There is no end with marketing strategies and its evolvement. Marketing have to constantly improve to remain competitiveness.

    2. The fundamental purpose of marketing is to enable a business’s customers to want and be willing to pay for its products and services.

    3. Therefore, customers are the ultimate purpose of how can marketing can be designed. In other words, the tastes and types of customers dictate how marketing strategies should be crafted.

    This implies “marketing begins with customers”

    4. To measure effectiveness of the crafted marketing strategies, the key indicator is the customers’ response to the campaign. Hence the number of customers’ purchase and growth indicates the success of the marketing.

    Therefore, “marketing ends with customers.”

    Hope you’ve received some insights here and best wishes to your marketing and your life!

    Warmest wishes,

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